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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?
You can order easily using our online platform. When you find a product you need, you can add it to cart, login and go through the ordering process. After the order is ready, you will receive order summary to your email. Order summary will also be stored to your account.

Why doesn't my discount code work?
Coupon codes for promotions and holidays do expire and are not valid for use after the specified date on the promotion. Please email us if you have any problems with coupon codes and we will be happy to assist.

Was my order successful?
If your order is successful, you should within the next 10 minutes receive an order confirmation via the e-mail address provided by you at the checkout page. If you have not received your order confirmation email, please contact us.

Where can I buy your products?
You can buy our products in many different ways...

Our website
At the local store or Shop 
By calling us at +256 783 773 883 or Whatsapp on +256 783 773 883 

Can I change my shipping method?
Unfortunately, you cannot change your shipment method after your order has been submitted. The order is immediately sent to the fulfillment agency and can no longer be changed by our system.

When will I receive my product?
That depends on the specific address provided ,
    Locally: Thats within 24 hours 
Othe than that maximum within 3 working days 
    Internationally: Normally delivery is made within 7 days.

Can I track the delivery?
Yes, by using the link we send in the order confirmation email you can track the delivery..

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs may vary according to the specific address where the delivery takes place and according to the delivery method chosen.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept:

Mobile Money
American Express credit
You can set up automated billing. If you want to set up invoicing for larger transaction amounts, please contact us for more information.

I changed my mind, can I return the product?
Yes, if you don't like the product you can always return it.

Return your package by sending it to this address..

Will my credit card be charged automatically each billing period?
Yes. Your credit card will be charged automatically at the end of each billing period

Will I be notified if the cost of my plan increases?
You will not be automatically notified of plan cost increases. To continue to deliver a quality product to our customers, we sometimes need to raise our prices. You can rest assured such increases will be value-driven, minimal, and infrequent.

How much will picking up my order cost?
There are no fees for store pickups. All you need to pay is the cost of the items you purchase.

How do I exchange if I purchased in store?
If you wish to exchange an item you have purchased in store, please visit one of our stores, and the staff will be able to assist you.

How do I exchange if I purchased online?
If you wish to exchange an item you have purchased online, please visit one of our stores, and they will be able to assist you. You can locate your nearest marimah Fashion House store. Please note we cannot facilitate an exchange when returning via post.

What if the item is faulty?
If your items purchased are faulty, please bring the item(s) to any Marimah Fashion House store where the staff will be able to assess the fault and find a suitable form of redress.